In business, image is the difference between making the sale and missing the opportunity. Professional portraits
capture the attention of your client by adding instant personality to your brand. With more than 500 JCPenney Portrait
studios to serve you across the US, scheduling your portrait sitting is easy.

Looking for company-wide employee portraits?
We’ve got the solution. You have the choice between a pre-paid 1-image or 3-image CD containing each of your
employee’s portraits in high-resolution*. Certificates for 1-image CDs are priced at $49.99 each and 3-image CDs at $69.99 each,
both waive the $9 per person sitting fee.

Interested? Here’s how.
1. Create an individual or corporate account at by clicking on Create Account 
2. Navigate to the Shop Page across the top menu 
3. Select either the 1-image or 3-image prepaid business portrait sitting 
4. Once ordered, your certificates will be processed and shipped. Allow for 7 business days. 
5. Hand out the certificates to your employees and have them schedule a sitting
6. If desired, use this
helpful guide to set guidelines for your employees to achieve a cohesive look.

*High resolution jpg images (300 dpi, 1 image = 6MB).
**Both the certificates and CDs are non-refundable.

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