Your graduation, your style, your way

We do our best to capture each graduates' individuality and personality in their portraits. Our studios offer a wide variety of senior portrait packages and portrait options to suit different needs and budgets. Our customizable product options allow you to personalize your session with unique and classic effects that truly express what you feel. Exclusive portrait cards designs offer a personal touch to your graduation announcements, open house invitations, and thank yous. To prepare for your graduation portrait session, view our senior portrait portfolio and portrait background options on our site.

Outfit changes are available during your senior portrait session. We encourage you to show your personal style with a casual outfit and something a bit more formal to add variety to your portrait session. We have put together some basic tips to help you prepare for your portrait session.

Formal and Informal portrait ideas:

Guys' formal attire could include a simple sport coat, dress shirt and tie, sweater or a 3-piece suit.
For girls, a formal dress from a special occasion, skirt, blouse or sweater.

Informal pictures allows for more variety - your clothing should reflect who you are! Ideas include: a casual outfit that suits your style, an outfit that includes pieces with today's latest trends, cap and gown, sports or cheerleading uniform, sporting equipment, letter jacket, art supplies, skateboard, musical instrument, or prom dress. And lastly, bring your parents, siblings, best friend, boy friend, or girl friend for group pictures that will last a lifetime.

Things to consider when you are selecting your clothing:

Your clothing choices should be simple in color and style. Dark shaded clothing is more slimming in photos. Avoid prints and patterns, they draw the eye away from the face. Plaids and stripes can be distracting.

Remember a great pair of shoes. If you plan on doing full length photos, match your shoes with our outfit, girls- you may want to paint your toes if they are shown.

Choose long-sleeved shirts and avoid bare shoulders or tank tops.

Light backgrounds go best with white and pastel colored clothing. Try to avoid light colors on darker backgrounds, this may overpower the image.

If your portrait session includes some darker clothing choices, remember that dark clothing tends to look best on darker backgrounds. Dark colors are  ideal for black-and-white
portraits as well as formal portraits. Your photographer will suggest the best background for your outfits.

Hair, makeup and grooming

Don't try something new for your portrait session. Plan to wear your hair in a style that you are comfortable
with or is natural to your everyday life.

If you choose to wear makeup, keep it light, natural-looking and fresh.

Guys should be clean shaven or have neatly trimmed facial hair.

Although it's important to look your very best on this special day, avoid getting your hair cut less than a week
before your session.