Tips for Newborn and Baby Photography

Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Newborn Photos

Newborn infants are tiny beings for a very short time. Capture this very brief but heartwarming moment in your baby’s life.

  • Schedule your session early. Plan your newborn photos when your baby is between one and three weeks.
  • Think about your infants schedule and attempt to schedule your photography session around your infant’s nap and feeding routine.  If possible, feed your infant prior to leaving home.  This will allow their little tummies to settle and reduce spitting up and fussiness.
  • A fussy infant can be challenging at any time. It is important to bring essential items to comfort your infant including a favorite blanket, pacifier, diapers, wipes and anything necessary for feedings.
  • Don't forget the parents! No infant photo is complete without you, the parents. Come prepared to join in the session.
  • A precious tiny hand in yours can be a long lasting memory. Even if you aren’t comfortable posing in your post-baby glory, give yourself a manicure in case you want close-ups of your hands cradling the baby’s head, feet and hands.
  • Your baby’s milestone photos are important. Try and schedule them ahead of time while you are at the studio. Most common dates are three-month, six-month, nine-month and first birthday photos.
  • We can create your baby announcements. On the day of your session, you will receive a complimentary set of envelopes, so you can address them while we process your announcements.
  • View our newborn and baby photos for more ideas!


Who doesn’t adore a photo of a cute, wriggly baby? Capturing your infant with that precious new outfit and a few favorite items will make a huge difference to your album.

  • Simple is good. Infants look adorable with little or no clothing. Consider items such as a baby onesie, or a diaper, or a swaddle blanket is usually sufficient.
  • Top it off right. Bring along a beanie or stocking cap as it can soften your baby’s face.
  • Newborn clothes tend to bunch up and look messy. Don't let your tiny baby get lost in layers of clothing.
  • Try to choose light-colored clothing. White or pastels bring out your baby’s sweet complexion.
  • For your session, avoid mittens or socks on your infants hands and feet. They leave elastic marks on tiny wrists and ankles.
  • Attach the diaper a little loosely to avoid lines around your baby’s waist.
  • Always plan ahead and include a spare outfit in your diaper bag incase of spit ups or leaks. 
  • If you have any cherished items like a favorite toy or a framed picture of a deceased grandparent, and would like to include it in your photos, carry it along.