Prop ideas from JCPenney Portraits

Accessorize and personalize your photos

Your photography should reflect your child’s personality and individual style. Try adding a splash of color with an accessory, handmade item or a special family heirloom, so that your photo memories will have a personal touch.

We have a wide selection of hats, tutus, headbands, baby snuggies, neckties and more in the studio for your use. You can also bring in your own special items to create your own look. View our gallery of props ideas.


Here are some suggested prop ideas to make your session more personal:

  • A favorite stuffed animal
  • Baby blanket
  • Hand knit sweaters, scarves, leggings, baby booties
  • Artwork created by your little one
  • Bows, ribbons and other hair accessories
  • Grandma’s old costume jewelry
  • Sports items or jerseys
  • Religious items or outfits
  • Special toy or toy collections
  • Musical instruments