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  • save and archive all your studio albums securely

  • share a smile online with family and friends

  • combine portraits from multiple studio albums

  • design memorable portrait gifts at home

  • view your studio albums any time online

Wonderful story telling milestones

My first year, see me roll over, sit by myself, stand up, walk, I’m not a baby anymore, hairstyles over the ages, sports I play, my best friends, see how big my hands are, grandpa and me, this is our family, toothless to first teeth in, first teeth out! And so much more


Archiving tips and tricks

Tips to make Archived images work together

  • Use same or similar backgrounds

  • Give your multi-image portrait created from several albums, a classic look with black & white or sepia

  • Place your child’s favorite toy in some images in every session. This is a great way to watch your child grow compared to a constant

  • Have portrait sittings every few months. You child will become very comfortable at your studio, and you will be amazed at the results

  • You have an older child who loves sports. Showcase a year of him in uniform and with his personal sporting equipment. Swim cap to hockey hair – what fun!



Maternity & Newborn:

  • Watch mom grow with maternity portraits

  • Start your infant’s story with a maternity portrait with mom and dad, pregnancy portrait, mom holding the ultrasound, and newborn portrait. Add siblings too!

  • Begin newborn stories when she is brand new! Less than 2 weeks old is perfect


Your Terrific Toddler:

  • Watch him grow in size and skill

  • Place the same color ribbon in her hair or wear the same color hat or other article of clothing

  • Watch his hands, nose, feet and hair change