5 fun activities for Fourth of July weekend

6 fun activities for Fourth of July weekend

Summer, sunshine and Independence Day — does it get any better than that?! The Fourth of July weekend provides plenty of time for family fun, so start planning to make and capture memorable moments with your favorite people.

Here are six awesome Fourth of July activities to inspire you:

Red, White & You Photography Event: JCPenney Portraits is hosting a special Red, White & You Photography Event from July 4 to 7 with a new patriotic theme and props that are fun for kids and families of all ages. Summer is the perfect time to get family pictures done, so book your session for this limited-time event now.

Backyard relay races: Get your family outdoors for a little friendly competition by organizing relay races. Think of classic games such as toss the water balloon, balancing an egg on a spoon, and three-legged races. You might even create your own spin on a relay race and name it a silly family name that you can then make a part of your annual July Fourth traditions.

Create food dye fireworks on a platter: Kids adore science experiments and this one has a fun colorful reaction, but there's no explosion, noise or mess. Start with a plate or pie tin and fill with milk. Then add a few sizable drops of liquid food dye in the middle. Finally, put liquid dish soap on a cotton swab and touch where the food dye is located for a fun reaction that pushes the colors outward.

Make Fourth of July flag snacks: What's as American as apple pie, but much easier to create? A tasty and healthy flag snack your kids will love to make and munch on. Start with a graham cracker as your base, smear with vanilla yogurt, and then top with blueberries and sliced strawberries in a design of the flag. Yum!

Capture outdoor family memories: Spend some time in Mother Nature and explore the local flora and fauna with your family. Make sure to take pictures of your kids walking and discovering the world around them. You might also consider scheduling an outdoor photography session that captures your family's individuality in the beauty of the outdoors. JCPenney Portraits offers outdoor photography at participating parks near you!