The Flower Shop Event brings sweet spring-themed photography to life

The Flower Shop Event brings sweet spring-themed photography to life

April showers bring May flowers, which means it's time to celebrate the best of spring. As the weather turns wonderful, everyone seems to be in a happy mood. Longer days, bright buds and beautiful breezes are what this time of year is all about.

Before you know it, school will be over and days will fill up fast with camps, sleepovers and play dates. That means right now is perfect for doing some spring-inspired activities. Sure, a trip to your favorite playground and maybe a visit to the zoo to see the baby animals are on the list, but what about taking time to do a fun activity that will provide you with keepsakes that last a lifetime?

We're talking about getting pictures taken at your local JCPenney Portraits, of course. This is always an enjoyable activity for kids and caregivers alike, but what makes this visit even more worthwhile is the upcoming Flower Shop Event that is happening May 16 to 19 at all JCPenney Portraits locations.

This special event is inspired by all the best parts of spring, including brand-new props that you've never seen before. There's no surprise that there are flowers in a colorful array (this is spring after all!), but when you pair bunches of flowers in beautiful hues with other props such as adorable tin watering cans and a floral shop booth promising "Fresh Cut Flowers," you're sure to get images that you adore.

This event will also feature the new Outdoor Bokeh background that consists of subtle shades of green that perfectly complement the overall theme. Bokeh is a blur method that transforms small points of color and light into lovely soft circles. This stunning background is ideal for spring-themed images!

During this special event you can work with your photographer to decide on a variety of poses so that your child's unique personality shines through in each and every picture. Your photographer will suggest different placement of props and work their magic to get your child to giggle with delight so they can capture that twinkle in their eye.

Spring is over in the blink of an eye, and the same is true for this special photography event. Book your preferred time today so you can capture your little one's smile and remember them just how they are in this moment forever. Choose your favorite photographs to frame or get made into gifts for loved ones. Everyone will enjoy these beautiful spring images featuring their favorite little people!