Fun ways to inspire your child using photography

Fun ways to inspire your child using photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, and for children, a picture holds endless possibilities. Kids love to look at pictures, especially of themselves, of family and friends. For parents and caregivers, consider using photography as a theme to help inspire your child at any age. With a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, you both can have a lot of fun. Here are some ideas to get started:

Collage art: Collect printed pictures and let your child flex their artistic muscles by creating collage artwork. This is great for self-expression and appropriate for all ages. Let them paste pictures alongside stickers, embellishments, words and other extras to create their vision. You'll be amazed what your 4-year-old comes up with and dazzled by the art created by your teenager.

Personalized portraits: Collect pictures of the entire family and then have children draw those portraits themselves. It's incredible to see their own interpretations. Ask them about what they are drawing and the answers can be so heartwarming. Then create a book of the side-by-side images as a cherished keepsake to look at throughout the years.

Superhero portraits: What kid doesn't adore dressing up as a superhero? Indulge their fantasy and let them live out their dreams by attending a special JCPenney Portraits Superhero Photography Event. With capes, masks and unique superhero design overlays, the pictures will become a reminder of a very cool day while helping kids to embrace dramatic play.

Photographer for a day: Let kids become the photographer and see the world through their eyes. Give your child an old camera or your cell phone and let them be free to capture the images they desire. Go over the images together when they're done and ask them about these shots. Sometimes the things children notice and feature in pictures are amazing.

Trip down memory lane: Bond with your child by digging out old pictures from your youth and flip through them together. Talk about your favorite activities and things in the pictures and use these as conversation starters with your own child. It helps children connect to your experiences and understand family traditions. Go one step further and consider recreating a cherished image from the past with your kids today. Oh, sweet nostalgia!

These five ideas are just the beginning. Pictures are more than just the portraits hanging on the wall; they can be a wonderful aspect of all parts of family life.