Hey Mom! It's Time to Get in Front of the Camera

Hey Mom! It's time to get in front of the camera

When you look at the photos framed on the wall and the images you've collected in your smartphone, your children are likely the center of attention. As the most important people in your life, it makes sense that you want to capture these fast-passing moments in time. Family is so important, but there's one thing that mothers often forget: They are part of that family, too!

How many pictures are you in with your kids? It's not uncommon to say just a few or none at all. Maybe you'll find a rogue holiday photo or birthday image where you're a blur in the background. Because you're often behind the lens that means you aren't often in front of it. That equates to few pictures of Mom, and whether you believe it or not, that matters.

Consider these compelling reasons for all moms to get in more pictures:

Demonstrates the family bond: Being together is important, and by taking pictures together you're showing yourself and the world the strength of your family bond. Whether it's a silly moment splashing in the pool or a quiet authentic moment sharing a hug, each image that features Mom is like saying "I love you."

Documents moments in time: You probably love digging up old images of your family. Looking back at the hair styles and clothing is fun, plus it's great to see what your parents looked like throughout the years. Getting in photos means leaving a legacy for your children to enjoy, even when you're gone.

Boosts confidence: Moms don't need to look perfect for photos. In fact, when kids see their parents being authentic, it helps boost their confidence, too. Smile big despite the frosting-stained shirt from the birthday cake. Grin from ear to ear on that tropical vacation even if you feel far from beach-body ready. It shows your children you should always be proud and embrace the moment.

With these reasons in mind, it's easy to see why the movement to get Mom in front of the camera is growing strong. To get more images of the whole family, try these three simple tricks:

Hand off the camera: Ask your partner to be in charge of capturing images for the day. Mom doesn't always have to be the one with the camera in hand.

Ask people to send you images: From birthdays to family vacations, if you have an event, there are likely others around taking pictures, and that means Mom is probably in some of them. Request guests to send you their best shots.

Schedule a family photo session: Schedule a photo session today at your local JCPenney Portraits studio where you can get a variety of images taken, including some of the kids, kids with Mom, plus the entire family. Then frame the results proudly for all to see!