Prop Possibilities: Endless Options for One-Of-A-Kind Photography

Prop possibilities: Endless options for one-of-a-kind photography

Looking to add a little pizzazz and personality to your photography? Look no further than thoughtful propping.Props help your photos come alive and offer virtually endless opportunities to customize a look so you get an image you're sure to love. From sports and hobbies to age-appropriate extras that define an image, props can take a photo from average to excellent.

A golden rule for props is they should complement, not overwhelm, the person or people in the image. Often they project a theme and tell a story about the subject's age or interests. JCPenney Portraits offers a variety of props so you can work closely with your photographer to design an image you're sure to adore.

Best yet, JCPenney is always adding and updating props so you get fresh ideas and trendy themes to choose from at each sitting. Here are three popular props available in studios across the country:

Happy Camper

Outdoor enthusiasts will jump with joy at this nature theme. A cute tent, evergreens, pillows and blanket and metal lantern set the stage for exploration. What child doesn't love to spend time exploring Mother Nature? For your little adventurers, this theme is sure to capture a special moment in time.

Fix It

Gearheads rejoice! If you like to spend time wrenching and fixing things — and maybe have a little sidekick in the garage too — this theme is for you. A vintage license plate background, kid-safe tools, a toolbox and red wagon make any little mechanic look like the real deal. Add in our red or blue bandanna and you'll have a timeless image that will make you smile year after year.

Fairy Fun

Equally enchanting and magical, this theme transforms little ladies into adorable fairies right before your eyes. JCPenney Portraits provides the wardrobe, props and background in a magical fairy photo session — all you need to do is show up! Props include lace dresses, wings, floral crowns and an ivory lantern. Great for individual or sibling photos!

These are just three of many themes to choose from; there are many more props that you can use to personalize an image and make it one of a kind. Of course, you're always welcome to bring props from home, too. If your child has a special toy, bring it along! Items of interest (think musical instruments, sports equipment, family heirlooms, etc.) also add a personal touch to photography.

When you arrive at the studio, your expert photographer will work with your ideas for props and help you set up great poses that result in rave-worthy photography. Schedule a photo session now and get ready to be amazed by the possibilities of props.