Style tips for festive and fashionable holiday photos

Style tips for festive and fashionable holiday photos

You know the holidays are the perfect time for family photography. While your entire crew is feeling holly, jolly and ready for their photo session, you may be feeling a bit of holiday panic because you're not sure what everyone should wear!

Should you match the girls' dresses? Does Mom need to wear heels? Should Dad wear a tie? Is your son going to complain the whole time about his itchy sweater? Yikes!

Set your worries aside because the experts from JCPenney Portraits by Lifetouch are sharing their top tips and tricks for what families should wear for a holiday photography session:

Cohesive outfits

The days of the matching outfit are over, and while everyone should have consistent style, that doesn't mean the exact same shirt and pants. The best way to tie everyone's look together is to use one or two common colors and incorporate them into outfits. The same is true with fabrics that feature patterns or textures. A common element like this creates a visually cohesive photograph.


Speaking of patterns, plaid adds an undeniable holiday essence to pictures. Pick a favorite plaid and play with different ways to integrate it into outfits. Shirts and skirts are a classic option, but you can also consider it for accessories like plaid scarves or hats. It could even work as a prop if you snuggle under a cherished plaid blanket together!


Bright colors can add energy and a festive vibe to photographs. Keep in mind, with bright color, less is more. A pop of color here and there is interesting without being overwhelming. For example, add the quintessential holiday red into your family's outfits through belts, suspenders, scarves, jewelry, socks or shoes.


As chilly temperatures spread across the nation, it's time to get cozy ... in sweaters, that is! Dressing your family in sweaters of a similar color makes lovely holiday attire. Cream cable knit, for example, offers a classic style, while sweaters in dark green or rich red are festive for the holiday season. Insider tip: Make sure sweaters are comfy and not itchy; otherwise, wear cotton undershirts underneath.


Any average outfit can look en vogue with the right accessories. Your son will look amazing in a newsboy cap and your daughter will look like a little lady in a faux fur stole. Next, jazz up your outfit with an animal print scarf and metallic jewelry and you'll be on trend for winter. Whether you pair these items with casual attire like jeans and sweaters or more upscale outfits such as dresses and button-ups, you'll add personality to enhance your pictures.

Be yourself

Above all else, do what feels right! Style tips don't matter if you don't feel like you. If you like to dress to the nines, do it. If you enjoy casual cute in country boots, do it. If you want a Christmas jammies photo by the fireplace, do it. Every holiday photograph should tell your family's story, so embrace what makes you unique and let your smiles shine bright.

From updating the framed image on the mantel to custom photo gifts and, of course, that all-important holiday card, having meaningful photos that express your family bond are important to celebrate the best of the holiday season. Schedule your preferred time for holiday pictures today.