Pet Photography Events

Pet Photography Event
Our next In Studio Pet Event is Wednesday, February 19!
Call your local studio to set up your session since online appointment booking isn't available for pet sessions. Please review the Pet Waiver Form prior to your studio session. Pet sessions are so popular that we have set aside a day each month for our furry friends. Pets are a special part of the family and our photographers are trained to capture them looking their best! Events vary by location. For more info on pet photography, check out our tips and tricks page. 
Pet Photo FAQ's
Are session fees charged for animals?
Yes, a pet will be treated like any other subject. They count as one session fee unless the customer's offer waives the session fee, or the customer is a Perks Club member.
Can I use an offer for a pet session?
          Yes, any offer can be used for a pet photo session, including pre-paid offers. Check out our current studio offers.
What is your service animal policy?
Service animals are welcome in all studios any time or day of the week. Sessions with service animals can be booked online or over the phone and our pet waiver is not necessary.