Personalizing home decor for holiday entertaining

'Tis the season for holiday gatherings! As social calendars fill up, you're probably planning to host a few festive events yourself. Whether with several friends or a big group of extended family, preparing your home for guests can be a lot of fun, plus it's guaranteed to get you into the holiday mood.

Personalizing home decor for holiday entertaining

How to Coordinate Outfits with Holiday Photo Backgrounds

If you have an upcoming photo session, you're likely brainstorming the perfect holiday outfits for everyone in your family. Should you dress up or down? Coordinate or not? Use holiday color schemes or go more neutral?

Session insight: How to coordinate outfits with holiday photo backgrounds

Baby's First Christmas: The Magic of Infant Holiday Photos

Little ones grow up fast and there's nothing quite like the magic of the holiday season. When you see your tot light up at the twinkle of a sparkly light, you know they can feel it, too.

Capturing this special time is important with children, especially if it's baby's first Christmas. This is a milestone moment for both child and parent, and it's the perfect reason to schedule holiday photos.

Baby's first Christmas: The magic of infant holiday photos

Tips for Including Pets in Holiday Photographs

Do you have a beloved family pet who brings you joy each day? From perfect purrs to wet nose nuzzles, pets provide companionship and undying loyalty. When your family isn't complete without your furry companions, it's worth adding them to your holiday photo session.

Tips for including pets in holiday photographs

The Perfect Personalized Presents for Everyone on your Gift List

When you're shopping for holiday gifts, you want to go beyond the ordinary. You want something truly special for loved ones that will make them smile now and for months to come. Photo gifts are trending for holiday 2018, and you might be surprised how many options are available for everyone on your gift list.

The perfect personalized presents for everyone on your gift list

Skip the Line and Other Tips for Getting Great Santa Photos with Kids

Traditional photos of your kids with Santa become cherished keepsakes. Your kids get to meet Old Saint Nick and smile big for that special picture that will become part of your family's holiday decor for years to come.

Visiting Santa is a lot of fun for both parents and kids, but waiting in long lines to thrust anxious kids onto Santa's lap for a few hurried moments is a recipe for holiday frowns. For a festive time full of cheer and smiles that will make for that perfect holiday image, follow these simple tips.

Skip the Line

Skip the line and other tips for getting great Santa photos with kids

Best Designs and Unique Holiday Cards for your Seasonal Greetings

One of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays is going to the mailbox and seeing which cards come each day. You're reminded of loved ones near and far, some who you speak to often and others who you stay connected to through holiday greetings. No matter what, every envelope is like a special little surprise full of cheer!

Best designs and unique holiday cards for your seasonal greetings

Festive and Fashionable: Simple Style Tips for Holiday Photos

'Tis the season for family photos in preparation for the upcoming holidays. You know the perfect pictures can be used in countless ways, from keepsakes and gifts to that all-important holiday card sent to loved ones near and far.

Your festive family is ready to bring the cheer to their photo session, but one question remains: What does everyone wear to capture that quintessential holiday image?

Festive and fashionable: Simple style tips for holiday photos

Capture Boo-tiful Pictures at the Halloween Photography Event

Costumes, creativity and candy — there's so much to love about Halloween! As your child ponders what they want to be to celebrate All Hallows' Eve, you're probably just as excited as they are about the fast-approaching holiday. Experiencing Halloween through their eyes is a true joy and every year they pick something that perfectly reflects the person they are at that moment in time.

Capture boo-tiful pictures at the Halloween photography event

Top Things to Consider When Selecting Outfits for Family Photos

Long gone are the days of everyone wearing matching shirts in singular colors for family photographs. Today there are many options for what to wear for family pictures, and you can even get a little creative. To make sure your family looks great, feels comfortable and you get pictures that you ultimately love, keep these 10 expert tips in mind.

Coordinate but Don't Match

Choose a color scheme. Start with two main colors and then add softer hues that complement each other. When in doubt, simpler is better.

Top things to consider when selecting outfits for family photos